Happy February!

I am so far behind and hoping this year I will take more time to work outside when spring arrives.  Painting will be my main job as it seems the winter weather is always abusive to our fences and deck.  We have a lot of fences.  This year is flying by so fast already and it will be March in a week and a half.  I am still working on my Christmas orders and trying to catch up with some of my projects.  Today's projects are painting a bunny on a block of wood,  a mohair bunny and a mohair puppy.  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful and Happy Valentine's Day!  Love one another and always be kind!  


Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!  This year has zipped by and it will be 2020 before we know it.  I have been very busy this year and so has Mr. P.  We never seem to have spare time and that is good.  I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful year and will have Happy Holidays with your friends and family!  I love you all!


Happy Awesome July!!!

Happy July!  Time does fly and we have been very busy this year.  Hoping everyone has been doing well as the year is already more than half over!  My understanding was that the blogs would be removed this year and we would not be able to post anything after a certain date.  Puddie Pie Primitives is still here.  I have been making the mohair and fabric fly on my sewing machine and we have been keeping busy building furniture.  I hope you are enjoying summer and thinking about an awesome fall complete with pumpkins, fairs, crisp air and beautiful fall leaves.  Enjoy all the beauty of summer and be thankful for every day we are given!!!  Happy Summer!!!


Fall Is In The Air

Time surely flies and I have been very busy since I last wrote.  Mr. P. and I have made a lot of great wooden pieces from cupboards and tables to birdhouses and benches.  I have also been busy sewing.  Although I have also spent a lot of time watching the grands too.  They are growing up and so much fun.  Love their different personalities.  I hope everyone has been enjoying a lovely summer and getting excited for fall and the wonderful festivals and decorations.  As for me I packed up all my Americana Summer Decorations up and August 1, I put up the fall and Halloween decorations.  Oranges, black and all the wonderful pumpkins, skeletons, witches and scary characters.  By November 1, I will be taking fall down and Christmas will appear everywhere.  I hope I never get too old to enjoy all the decorations I have made through the years and continue to make.  It is a lot of fun!  Happy August!!!  Take time to enjoy life and smell the roses every day!  Love you all!


Spring is around the corner!!!

We have almost made it through winter and spring will be springing again.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  The dark days of winter will soon turn to bright and beautiful.  I love to hear the birds singing while building their nests.  The wonderful blooms will begin to slide through the soil and release those wonderful flowers  reaching for the warm sunshine.  Everything becomes new again and it is time for winter to end and spring to unfold.  Hoping everyone enjoyed every day you have been given as the seasons come and go.  Take time to be thankful and enjoy life as it flies by so quickly.  Love you all.


Happiest New Year!

Happy New Year 2018!!  Wow!  A new year and some very cold weather here in Ohio.  Nothing like the east coast is experiencing with the Bomb Cyclone, they are calling it.  Prayers the people experiencing the horrible flooding, freezing temperatures and loss of electricity.  Our hearts go out to them.  Taking down some of my Christmas decorations here but leaving most of them up for a few more weeks.  It is always a dreary time of year when all the twinkle and sparkle are put away.  The way I look at it is now time for making more twinkle and sparkle!  Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Hoping everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day with family and friends.  It is always a magical time to spend with the people you love.  Working on a snowman for a sweet friend and making a lot of lacy hearts!  Happy New Year Dear Friends!  Love and hugs and wishes for an amazing year ahead!  Carol~


Happy December!

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful month of December!  We are always so busy this month it flies by too fast.  With all the holiday celebrations we also have 5 birthdays in our immediate family.  Since mine is one of them I declared that I would not want a child to experience a birthday in December.  I guess I was being taught a lesson as two of my three were born in December.  I also have a grandson born in December and a sweet daughter-in-law born in December too.   So fitting we celebrate a lot of birthdays in December along with the celebration of the birth of Jesus our Savior.  This time of year is my favorite with all the decorations and festivities.  I have been very busy keeping up with orders and that is great!  We have had some sad times too lately as we lost our sweet Yorkie Bailey, November 20.  He was 14 1/2 years old.  What an amazing furry baby he was all those wonderful years.  He suffered from Cognitive Dissonance and blindness for the last two years.  Every day was spent trying to help him deal with his sickness, comforting and loving him every minute.  It was a horrendous disease that took his memory and caused him to suffer horrible anxiety.  He was my best friend, my right arm, my ultimate unconditional love who never left my side.  It was one of the most difficult days of my life to let him go.  He is missed every minute of every day.  His little 6 pounds of sweetness will never be forgotten by Mr. P. and I.  Such joy he gave us freely we miss in our broken hearts.  He is running free now with his brother Dakota enjoying life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  Enjoy your Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!    Love you all!  In memory of Bailey Dean.


Happy November!

The year has certainly flown by!  What a year it has been.  I hope everyone will enjoy the month of November and get together with family to enjoy the good times.  We have had a very busy year and are looking forward to the holidays.  Mr. P. and I have been busy in the wood shop and I have been extra busy sewing and keeping up with orders.  Every day is a productive day and we love every minute!  I hope you are looking forward to the holidays and all the fun times they bring.  Happy November!  Love you all!  


Happy Labor Day!!!!!

Hoping everyone has enjoyed a fantastic Summer!  Wow!  Amazing how fast time flies!  Remembering the month of April and thinking this summer we are going to take time to go to the park and enjoy long summer days and nights.  We have been busier than ever and here it is September 4, Labor Day.  I guess the old saying fits, "Time flies when you are having fun!"  It sure does.  Mr. P. and I have been having fun for months working and mostly filling orders.  We are always busy and that is a good thing.  At least my mind is never idle or bored.  I have at least 3 orders going all at the same time.  We have a lot of fun here and being at home working is what we enjoy most.  Oh but back to Summer...where did it go?  The weather has turned cooler already and the days are shorter.  Sweet time of year with the smell of fall in the air, pumpkins, apple cider, harvest celebrations and a lot of county fairs.  I hope you enjoy your wonderful Autumn and celebrate every day of God's blessings!  Love you all!




Brooklynn and Lillith, prim mohair bunnies with clay faces.



Happy May!!!

Spring!   This is my favorite time of year!  I love to hear the birds singing and watch them build nests.  Everything begins growing and it is like everything has been in a winter sleep and is now coming back to life.  The trees and flowers are blooming and every day is a new awakening.  Mr. P. and I are celebrating our anniversary this month and I always think how fast time flies!  He is the best husband and always loving and kind.  We have enjoyed our life no matter what it brings.  As we get older we appreciate each day more.  I continue to make my creations and help Mr. P. with his wood working projects.  We have certainly been busy.  We have lived here more than 4 years now and when we first moved in our first little friend who came every morning was a one legged crow.  I called him Hoppy.  He has filled my mornings and sometimes visited throughout the day coming to see what treat I left for him.  He had a partner who always stayed by his side and watched out while he ate.  He managed to make it no matter how difficult it seemed for him.  Many winter days I would see him eating corn I left for him after I shoveled snow away.  It had to be so difficult to continue every day for him with only one leg.   They would have other crows join them and mostly they all looked out for Hoppy.  He would be eating and they would protect him.  Ultimately Hoppy would hop to get where he wanted to go and he would get out of control and hop on one of his friends.  They would all fly up in the air and come back down while Hoppy ate.  He was a great entertainer.  Unfortunately Sarg the hawk has been after him for a long time.  His partner and other friends usually guard him but over a week ago I saw him near the woods and Sarg was after him.  Hoppy flew into the woods and Sarg was behind him.  I have not seen him since.  Now his partner comes every morning for a treat alone. He will sit in the bush and caw as if he is calling for Hoppy.  Sad.  I miss the poor one legged Hoppy too and all the many times he made us laugh.  Life is short.  Be thankful for another day!  I love you all!



Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung!!!!!!  I am excited to see the forecast for the next couple of weeks showing the temperature is rising.  I cannot wait to plant flowers and watch them grow this summer.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  Everything blooms, the birds are singing and making nests, the dark winter days turn to sunshine and everything has a renewed view!  We have been busy making furniture over the winter.  I love some of our new designs.  It is always fun to work together and create something useful for us and for others. I am working on a mohair elephant and pig also.   I hope you all enjoy your SPRING.  Always be thankful for your blessings.  I love you all!  Happy Spring!


Spring has been visiting us through the winter!

Happy March 8!  What a wild weather ride we have had this winter.  I really don't remember such a drastic ride constantly through the entire winter ever before.  We have loved the higher temperatures in the 60's and froze the next day with highs in the teens.  We need clothes with zippers on the legs and arms.  Ultimately every day is a good day and should be enjoyed to the fullest no matter what!  I have been very busy with orders and that is a great thing.  Fred and I have also have been working on tables and cupboards.  We love to do wood working together.  He is the sweetest man and always there to help with my wild ideas and plans.  I have also been painting signs, wooden characters and canvas.  I love to incorporate painting in everything I do if it is sewing a doll, zebra, giraffe or bear to cutting out a fancy scroll for a shelf or bench.  Life is exciting and it is what we make it.  Tomorrow could be a reason to cry so enjoy what we can be happy about today.  Today is my sweetheart's birthday and I am excited to spoil him today on his special day.  We try to spoil each other every day of the year but on his birthday he deserves the Best Day Ever!  Hope you all enjoy your day always thankful to God.  


February is always an exciting month!

February is always exciting with January behind us and warmer temperatures to look forward to.  Valentine's Day is always a great time and I enjoy decorating the house as I am taking the Christmas decorations down.  I have left a couple little trees up to brighten up the days and it is exciting to decorate for Valentine's Day and Easter after Christmas has been put away.  Love valentines, rabbits, bunnies, eggs and Easter baskets, oH mY!  I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the winter months!  I have been busy sewing to catch up on orders and doing some wood working when I have time.  Swayze, a prim pup I finished today and she will be traveling home to her mom soon.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Winter is flying by and Spring will be a happy sight!

It is the end of January already and we are well into the new year!  The weather has been a wild ride as usual in Ohio and we have more snow on the ground.  I love the snow but I have to admit it was not a fun time driving in a blizzard in the dark early yesterday morning.  Spring and Summer will be very welcome this year.  Mr. P. has been busy in the wood shop and I have been very busy making all my creations and working in the wood shop too.  I never have a boring day!  I guess I always have more than one project going at all times and it is sweet to finish one and get on to the next.  I hope you are all enjoying 2017 and will have a wonderful year!  Love you all!


~~~Wishing You The Happiest New Year!~~~

Happy New Year!!!

Hoping for the Happiest New Year 2017!  The past year was a very busy year and Fred and I enjoyed it!  Fred continues to be busy in the work shop making his farm tables and hall tables.  I wish I could keep them all but most are orders so it's hands off for me.  I have been working on so many creations and doing wood working too.  Last week I made a primitive blanket table and a few weeks ago I made a very large prim shelf for my oil lamps.  Wood working is really relaxing to me.  Thinking about my grandfather making tables and being right by his side in his work shop were my favorite memories.  It always amazes me that I can take a piece of wood and decide what I want to make out of it mostly out of necessity, draw my pattern, use the saws to cut it out, screw or nail it and a wonderful piece of furniture is ready to paint.  Amazing!  It is the same with material.  It is magical to have a piece of fur or fabric and with my imagination and some work that piece of material can be most anything I want it to be.  Magic!  We have also enjoyed a magical time with our family through the holidays and I cherish every time I can enjoy with them.  Thanksgiving, 5 birthdays in our immediate family, Christmas and New Year's Eve with a lot of great times and great food!  The amazing Mr. Richard Backschas wrote another 3 page article in the German magazine Bar Report on me and my bears... Puddie Pie Primitives.  Go to  if you would like to see the 3 page article.  Sorry I do not have it available in English.  A big "Thank You" to Richard!  I appreciate everything he writes!  Now we will be back to work creating for the new year and it will be great working together with Mr. P. as always.  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and will have the most wonderful new year!  Happy New Year!  Love you all!


It Is Christmas Time!

It is time for Christmas and celebrating Christ's birth!  What a wonderful time of the year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I always enjoy Christmas and everything that goes with it.  We are getting some fresh snow this morning and it looks wonderful!  The snow always makes it seem more like Christmas.  The sparkle of the lights off the snow really is a wonderful sight!  We have many blessings to be happy for this year.  Mr. P. is busy working in the wood shop and I just finished a large shelf to display a few oil lamps.  I still have a couple orders to fill and hope to get busy with them today.  Time goes by so fast!  It seems we are always busy and that is good.  We have also been busy enjoying family and friends.  I hope you all enjoy the holidays and celebrate every morning for the new day we have been given.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Happy Happy Weekend Before Thanksgiving!  Wow!  We have snow on the ground this morning and it it is wonderful.  I hope to build a snowman later today!  How are your plans for the holidays?  Does it seem amazing this year is almost to it's end already?  What a year we have had!  We have been busy bees here making furniture and I have been busy with my creations.  Never a minute to breathe it seems.  Always something to do and orders to fill.  I love it!  No time to dilly dally and as my grandfather would say, "Times-a-wastin'!!"  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving week and the spirit of the holiday season!  Love and hugs to you all!

Looking back at winter!

Looking back at winter!
Beautiful February Snow

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

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CoCoMo Joe and CoCoMo Dakota Joe

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Good Friday Morning From My Back Yard!

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Marcella and Kristina

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Beautiful Full Moon

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Marcella and Kristina

Marcella and Kristina