MARCH: St. Patrick's Day, Spring and Easter!

We are well into March and riding the weather ride.  I love snow and secretly hate to see it go.  It always amazes me how it floats so sweetly down on to everything.  Every little flake!  Millions of little flakes!  They all join together to make a beautiful sight!  Last week we woke up to a wonderful heavy snow that covered everything.  It was breath taking!  An amazing sight!  It is not easy to drive in but beautiful to look at.  I am really looking forward to Spring this year and planting flowers to enjoy!  I have been very busy catching up on orders and doing some wood working too.  I found a wonderful old chest to re-finish and worked on it until I am so happy with the finish I achieved.  I love it!  I have some detail line work to do on it and I am excited to finish it!  The wooden bunnies are multiplying too and I have had several orders for them.  I love bunnies and they have multiplied all over the house!  It soothes my soul and brings back sweet memories to draw on a piece of wood and cut it out with my saws.  Magical!  Reminds me of my childhood and spending time with my sweet loving grandfather in his wood shop.  He taught me so much!  Fred and I took our first real vacation in 25 years a few weeks ago and it was heavenly.  Spent a week with the most wonderful friends anyone could ever imagine.  We had a fantastic time in Florida!  Now back to reality and sewing!  Miss CoCoMo Pauline Jo the pinkish snow lady was born last week and will be on her way to Texas soon.  I will be busy creating another one for an order this week and finishing a shirt for myself.  I have several orders to work on and I love orders!  So far this year has been very exciting and I am sure with the political debates it will be a whirl of antics, craziness and amazement the remainder of the year.  I hope you enjoy every minute of every day we are given!  Love you all!



Happy Valentine's Day!  Hoping everyone is enjoying a wonderful day with their sweetheart and family.  Here is Ohio it is cold with snow on the ground.  Beautiful sunshine is amazing dancing across the snow and sparkles of snow glisten on the ground.  The birds and deer have been busy eating.  At minus 4 degrees this morning it breaks my heart to see them outside in the frigid temperatures.  Deary the deer comes after the others have eaten to lick every seed from the bird feeder.  It is her special treat!
 Funny how she learned that 3 years ago when she was a little one running around the yard.  She makes me smile!  We enjoyed a wonderful week last week with amazing friends on vacation.  It was a once in a lifetime trip and we enjoyed every minute!  Back to our wonderful home and our family.  The 3 grand boys are all growing like weeds this year!  Time sure flies and they have grown too fast.  Hugs and wishes for a wonderful month and always praise to God for giving us His Love!  Have a wonderful week!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful first day of the new year!!!!!  We are welcoming in 2016!  Last year was a very busy year and I look back thinking how fast it flew by!  So many things to be thankful for last year!  I am hoping this year will be a calm year!  A new slate to ponder about and pray upon!  Hoping you all enjoy every minute we are given!  Enjoy!  Love you all and best wishes for the Happiest New Year!!!


Merry Christmas!

The month of December is upon us!  It is an exciting month and has been a very busy year.  The weather is amazing in Ohio.  This morning we have a dusting of heavenly snow.  Usually by now we have had several storms and have snow on the ground.  It is the season to be happy and give.  With all the things going on in this world it can be a scary place but we have to take it upon ourselves to make a difference.  Just anything will do on a daily basis.  My how busy and hectic our life has become!  I always have so much going on and honestly I don't know how I ever worked full time.  I won't go into boring details but I get up at 4:30 every morning and find myself with a project in my hands still at 10:00 at night.  At any given time there is at least ten things whirling around in my head at the same time.  I am always in a rush and never have a spare minute for myself.  Not only my projects but my responsibilities of my family.  My list gets longer!  Fred and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping yesterday and while ordering lunch at Panera Bread the lady who stood behind the counter grabbed my attention.  She smiled!  She really smiled!  I smile at everyone and it shocked me for a split second to see this lady smile.  She was amazing!  I wanted to tell her.  I stood there as Fred was ordering trying to get a chance to tell her but we had to move along.  She came to our table and said she forgot to ask me if I wanted mustard sauce on my sandwich and there she was with that smile.  I explained I had never had it before and was confused what I had ordered.  She asked me to come with her and tell the lady who was making my sandwich.  I did and it was not what I thought I ordered.  Now here was my chance.  We took care of business and as SHE thanked me, I told her she was very nice and helpful and she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.  She smiled and told me,  "Thank you!"  She came back to our table and asked us if everything was ok and there was that smile.  That truly gave me a jolt!  God puts people in our path for a reason.  Sometimes we are in a hurry and forget God is watching over us.  He knows what we need every day - every second of every day. That lady made a difference just with her smile. I thought about her the rest of the day.  News of the California shootings came as we arrived home and I thought about the lady with the smile.  If we can do nothing else we can smile, be a little kinder, be a little sweeter and make a difference no matter what we are dealing with.   As we get down on our knees to pray remember to smile and thank God for our blessings!  As we celebrate Christmas remember Jesus is the reason.  I love you all!  Thank you for an amazing year!  Merry Christmas! 


October has arrived!

Wow!  September is gone!  Does anyone know where it went?   October has arrived and it has brought some cold weather to Ohio.  I don't mind cold weather but after a month of 80 degree plus weather this 40 something seems rather drastic.  As the old Ohio saying goes..."If you don't like the weather right now, stick around it changes quickly!"  It does.  It is what it is and I am glad for every day I have.  I have been busy making bears, primitive fall dolls and have started on a snowman.  Selling some and keeping some.  I made quite a few pumpkins too.  Decorating for Halloween is really fun.  I always remind myself I start on Christmas November 1, so down comes the Halloween decorations as soon as it is over.  Fred and I have been very busy now that he is retired.  We have been making cupboards, shelves, painting, rock mulch all the way around the house and working in the yard.  We still have a couple projects to start before the snow flies.  Never a minute to sit down and there are days I get up at 5 am or sooner and work until 10:00 pm.  If I didn't have to sleep I could accomplish a lot more.  I also watch my cutie pie grandson once or twice a week and he is a sweet treat to my week.  How fast he has grown and will be 2 in a few weeks.  Wow!  My oldest grandson will be 11 in a few weeks and that does seem unbelievable!  What a sweet young man he is!  I hope everyone is enjoying all the festivals and autumn events.  The leaves are changing and I am anxious to grab on to every leaf and enjoy the beautiful colors.  God is amazing!  He showers us with his beauty where ever we look!  I hope you enjoy October!  Love you all!


Happy September!!!

Happy September!!  The summer flowers are at their peek and it won't be long until frost now.  It has been a very busy summer with never a moment to stand still for very long.  Fred has been retired for a month now.  I am enjoying him being home every day and I hope he is enjoying every minute of retirement.  We try to fit everything into each day that we can!  He has been so happy and I can see the stress of his job has left his body.  I have been a very lucky woman for 25 years to have this wonderful man in my life.  God surely blessed me and heard my prayers.  I always say I had to suffer with the worst to appreciate the BEST!  The family is growing and before long we will have another little one joining in the fun!  Every day is a learning day for Nolan as the world is so new to him.  He and MiMi as he calls me like to play and cuddle.  What a joy he is.  Grandpa or PaPa as he calls him loves it when this acrobatic little wonder climbs up beside him to sit and chatter.  We try to enjoy every minute with him.  Chase will be 11 soon and he is the sweetest!  His dad and mom have taught him so well and he is always eager to learn.  His manners are very refreshing this day in age.  When I talked to him recently we were in the middle of a conversation when he said, "Grandma, can you hold on a minute?  I want to tell you right now I miss you and I love you."  What a dear he is.  Wish we didn't live so far away.  His hugs are the BEST!  I have been sewing every minute I can and Fred and I have been doing a lot of wood working.  We finished the 6 foot by 35 inch primitive cupboard and it looks better than I planned.  My problem is getting my imagination out of my head and into Fred's head.  Even with my drawings it isn't easy for him to see at times.  I have so many projects planned in my head it is very crowded!  Every day is a blessing and we have to enjoy our happy times.  I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful summer and looking forward to fall!!!  Love you all!


Happy July!

This year is zipping by and summer will be coming to an end before we know it.  I hope everyone is enjoying July with relatives and friends.  Never enough time to spend with family!  I have been busy this summer keeping up with outside work, wood working and orders.  We will have a lot of excitement in the months ahead.  My sweet husband will be retiring and it will be amazing to not have to send him off to work in the morning.  I know we will keep busy but it will be so nice to be busy together every day.  We have been married for 25 years now and it has been the best 25 years of my life.  We will also have another grandbaby.   Won't know until it is born but I have a feeling it will be another boy.  With 3 sons and 2 grandsons I am planning on a boy.  Whatever it is, we will love it and spoil it~!  I hope you enjoy every minute of the remainder of your summer.  Never take your blessings for granted!  Love you all!


June 30, 2015

Here we are, we arrived at the last day of June!  Where did June go?  Summer is flying by and we have not had a chance to go outside and enjoy summer yet.  This month has had every day filled with down pours of rain. I only remember one day that it did not rain, June 26.   There could have been one or two at the beginning of the month.  Last week remembering the weather reporter saying if we had 4 more inches of rain we would surpass the all time record for the month of June.  The next day which was Saturday, we certainly did get the 4 inches they predicted.  Since then we have had rain every day and this is Tuesday.  Wow!  It is pouring down as I write this.  I know there are other parts of the US and the world who desperately need rain and I feel sorry for them.  I have enjoyed watching the deer and their babies play by the lake.  We had two sets of twins and another single birth this spring.  One of the mothers puts her twins by our fence for me to watch over while she is getting a much needed break.  Love the little critters and making sure the neighbor's dogs do not disturb them.  I am so blessed living here and witnessing all the wonderful wild life who come through our yard to the lake.  The deer can stop in to have a snack of cracked corn or if they like some bird seed.  The apples on our trees will be ripe soon and they love to eat the ones on the ground.  Soon the pears will be their sweet treat.  You can always count on the deer to show up when they get the munchies.  I have been filling orders and making a few dolls and bears to sell.  Working in my wood shop is a favorite thing to do and I still have some benches and another boxed in corn trough for the deer to make.  The deer need a dry place for their food.  A large cupboard is in the plans for my materials.  It is exciting to think about it!  I hope you are having a nice summer and enjoying every little part of it. Have a Happy 4th of July!  Love you all!


May has been a whirl of weather!

We are in the middle of May already and what a whirl it has been.  Cold, warm, HOT and this morning back at 35 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground and foggy.  Beautiful!  Love to take pictures first thing every morning.  Pink in the sky with that sliver of a moon through the fog over the lake with a heavy frost covering everything!  Whew!  Top every day off with a fantastic sun set and you have to fill in the blanks in between.  Some one ask me the other day if I ever put my camera down.  I guess I always have it with me.  You never know when you are going to have one of those brief moments that would make a perfect picture.  I have plenty of those!  Love my camera!  Mr. P. always laughs when I run off with my camera shouting, "Better get a picture of THAT!"  Poor man!  He does witness a lot of my crazy moments but he enjoys it.  This month has flown by and WOW it has been a busy month so far.  Mr. P. and I had a wonderful 25th anniversary.  He sure spoils me and I do try to spoil him rotten!  Love him more every day and I plan to keep it up for another 25 at least.  I hope everyone is enjoying spring and warm weather.  The summer will fly by so plan to enjoy every moment God gives with a long breath grabbing on to every chirp of the bird and sun rise you can until the sun goes down in the evening and your head is spinning on your pillow from all the beautiful things you have consumed. Love you all!


The First Day Of Spring!

I hope everyone has made it through winter!  The first day of spring has arrived and I am hoping we will see the signs of spring soon.  Today it looks like the first day of winter complete with a snow storm.  I have been sewing bunnies and making primitive wooden projects.  I love to stay busy and I have a couple orders to start working on too.  Looking forward to yard work and planting a lot of flowers this spring.  Hoping SpRiNg will show up soon!  I am always thankful for my blessings!  Have a wonderful day!  Hugs ~ Carol


As my Mother would say..." It has been Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold!"

This year seems to by flying by and February will be over before we know it.  I am hoping we have an early spring this year.  The freezing,  below zero temperatures started January 3, and have not let up.  We have had a day or so that it was warmer and not freezing cold.  I guess calling 46 degrees warm is stretching it a bit.  In the summer if we think about 46 we think that is cold.  Nevertheless what ever it is we have to endure it and be happy for another day.  I have been doing a lot of wood working and making bunnies too.  I enjoy making bunnies and thinking about Easter time.  It is a special time of year.  The deer number has grown here and it is always a treat to look out the window and see them coming for dinner.  There are twelve now.  I keep food in their trough and bird seed in the feeders.  The one deer who started coming first I call Deary.  I did not have the special deer food then so she would tip the bird feeder and lick all the seed out.  She is the only one who does that and doesn't eat the deer food now.  She is special and I love to watch her.  My neighbor Elouise told me she saw Deary come one day and there was no bird seed so she stood for ten minutes and looked right at the house.  I must have been away and the birds had emptied the feeder.  So now I fill the feeder up late in the evening so she always has plenty.  Sad to see them trying to find food when the snow has been on the ground for so long.  I also have a one legged crow who comes every day to eat.  He is Hoppy.  He has a difficult time eating and the other crows try to chase him away.  We have been here over two years now and we are almost finished with the changes we have planned to do.  We moved my Mother out of the house I grew up in and closer to us last year.  She has had a better winter this year and stayed warm and well.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful week and are staying warm.  As my Mother would say..."It has been cold, cold, cold, cold, cold!"  The degree of cold requires more times said.  Have a wonderful day! ~Carol   


Winter has arrived!

I hope you had wonderful holidays and are ready for Spring!  Ohio has been hit with severe weather and this morning the wind chill is suppose to be -23 degrees and linger for a while.  It has been a very cold week with actual temperatures below zero.  I love all the snow but the cold temperatures that come along with it are not fun.  I am thankful for a warm house!  The air manages to creep in through any little break but what can you do when it is below zero and the wind is blowing?  Please bring in any pets from the cold and try to feed the wild animals.  Keeping the wild animals fed outside is very enjoyable.  If they have some food in their belly they might be able to survive the cold.  I would like to build a shelter for the deer to be able eat inside.  They have a trough I feed them in but it is outside in the weather under a tree.  I usually see 12 most days.  My neighbor told me yesterday she got a nice laugh from one deer who didn't find any food in my trough or bird feeders and stood looking at our house for 5 minutes.  My trips to the mill to buy deer food and bird seed in 50 pound bags are worth it.  Seeing them every day gives me a lot of pleasure.  Someone told me recently that animals do not feel pain.  Wow!  That really upset me!  I was struck speechless!  I could not pull my jaw off my chest long enough to begin to say all that was on my mind!  I decided if they had not learned to have compassion for animals at their age I would not be able to inspire them with a quick kick to the shin ending with, "Did that hurt?"  It might take more pain than that and I wasn't carrying my club!  Animals are sometimes more intelligent than humans.  They give us far more than we give them.  Hoping you have a wonderful new year and enjoy every minute God has given to us!  Bear hugs to you!~  Carol



MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIENDS!  The best to you and your families! 


Happy November!

This year has quickly passed.  I hope you are starting to think about the holidays.  I have been decorating the house and making snowmen and snow ladies.  I love this time of year!  Growing up we didn't have extras or holiday decorations.  My dad worked in the coal mine and we were poor.  We always had a Christmas tree and mostly that was put up Christmas Eve then taken down by New Year's Day.  We would make paper garland and if my grandfather gave us a dollar we would buy a decoration to keep year after year.  I made angels and decorations from scraps of paper and cloth too.  Things that we cherished were taken out of old worn out boxes that were kept in the attic with great excitement and carefully placed.  My mother would manage to save a few dollars during the year and buy us a Christmas gift.  Everything was bought with cash back then and if you didn't have the cash you couldn't afford it.  My uncle and grandfather would go together and buy a gift for us.  One year I got a red wagon.  Wow!   I was so lucky!   I love my decorations now and my house is filled with Christmas.  Most of the things I have made and I still carefully take each one out of their box and feel the excitement of the holidays placing them in just the right place.  It is wonderful and I love the feeling of Christmas.  My nativity scenes are most precious and it is wonderful to be able to set them up every November.  They are very old.  I hope the joys of the holidays fill your heart and soul and you always remember Jesus is the reason we celebrate.  Happy Holidays!


Winter is around the corner.

This year is flying by and it will be the holidays before we know it.  I have been busy making some prims and I enjoy making them this time of year.  I put a Snow Queen on eBay today and have two more I am working on.  I should be making more bears but this has taken my attention at the moment.  Most of my flowers are cleaned up but I still have three large pots of flowers, morning glories, zinnias and marigolds to cut back.  The snow will be drifting down soon.  I made a very primitive bench last week and have made plans to make a new fabric cupboard.  I cannot wait to start on it.  Watching Nolan every week has been a pleasure.  He is the sweetest baby and keeps me hopping.  I cannot wait to start decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The holidays are the best time of the year!  Have a great week and enjoy every minute!  ~Carol


Autumn is in the air.

Summer has flown by and soon it will be Autumn.  I love pumpkins, Halloween and everything that goes with fall.  I will be decorating soon.  Summer was very wet here and chilly at night.  Not very good for the garden.  I have been working on my long list of things I had to accomplish before the snow flies and they are all crossed off.  We have a few little things to do yet but it was a struggle with the constant rain to accomplish anything outside. This was our second summer here and we planned to get mostly everything done.  Next summer we have a few things we plan to do but nothing major.  I have been working on bears and other critters when I have time.  Last weekend I took Harriet, Roseanna, Gerald and Elaine to The Boston Road Collection.  Roseanna has already been adopted and I am hoping the other three will have a home soon.  I don't always have a lot of time.  Fred and I moved my Mother to an apartment near here so it is easier to spend time with her.  Watching my grandson is a great joy in my life.  He is always smiling and so happy.  He has allergies and the poor boy doesn't let that get him down.  I am amazed at his laughter.  He thinks the simple things are funny and he makes me laugh out loud with him.    I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!  Have an amazing Labor Day holiday weekend and enjoy family and friends.  ~Carol 


August Is Around The Corner!

I am hoping everyone is enjoying every minute of summer.  It is quickly slipping by and it will be fall and pumpkin time soon!  This has been another busy summer and I am happy to say I have completed most of my long list of the things I planned to accomplish.  I am now working on the front yard and redesigning the landscape.  It will be much easier I hope to take care of with less weeds.  I used an organic mix of vinegar, borax and blue Dawn this week and it did help to eliminate the weeds.  I painted the front porch Monday and made a smaller bench for the corner of the porch moving the larger one to the front of the house.  Happy to cross that off my list.  Our garden had been giving us a great deal of cucumbers and we have canned dill pickles. It is always nice that Fred and I always work together.  I have a great husband!  I finished Herriet last weekend.  She is 24 inches tall and made of long mohair.  Working on a giraffe and elephant and hope to have them finished soon.  Enjoy your day and give God the glory for another day to be happy.  ~Carol   


Enjoy an amazing summer!

Summer has been a wet one so far here.  Spring and winter were also wet.  Great for the garden and flowers but we have to work around the storms that come daily.  I remember my grandfather John Jacob Hanselman use to tell me when I was young that if we had a lot of snow summer would be fairly dry.  If we had a lot of water in the summer the winter would be dry.  I found that to be true and always remembered he told me that.  Now we never know what is going on.  I do think MAN has created a mess with the environment causing the weather to drastically change.  I also believe God has been left out of our lives.  God always blesses us if we allow him.  I have been working on bears this week.   Thank you and enjoy every minute of every day!!  ~Carol

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Looking back at winter!

Looking back at winter!
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Good Morning!

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Good Friday Morning From My Back Yard!

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Marcella and Kristina

Marcella and Kristina