Merry Christmas!!

Looks like snow for Christmas! I know my grandson will love it when he visits. I finished my doll but have not found a name for her yet. I used an antique doll head and antiqued it further. Her body is made from cloth and her legs are wooden dowels inside the cloth and attached to the wooden base I made for her. The clay I bought this time did not work as well so instead of my own creation for her face I used the antique head. Her pinafore and hat are antiques. She was not pleased with the dress I made for her so I made another one. Dolls can be tempermental it seems. I am working every day on the new house to prepare it for our move. There is a lot of work to do there and Blake has been helping me since he is on vacation. How did I get so lucky to have such a sweet loving son? He never stops until the job is done! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope this time of year is a reminder of all our blessings we each have.  This is a giving time of year and we should extend our loving giving hearts to every day of the year.  God blesses us with many gifts and Jesus the greatest gift, is the reason we celebrate this Christmas season.  With all the sadness in the world around us it is sometimes difficult to find happiness.  Our hearts break for the 26 people who were killed this past week.  What a sad and difficult time for the families of those little children and educators who died.  I pray for the families.  Sometimes our difficulties seem endless in our own lives but there are always others who suffer more.  Have a great week and celebrate Christ's birth every day. 


December birthdays!

This month is always a busy month!  Throw in 4 birthdays, selling our house, buying a new one and call it just crazy!  Yesterday was my middle child's birthday, Tobias.  I always remember hearing about the middle child in the family and he was a true wonderment.  He is the best son and so highly respected.  He is my greatest joy!  Love him beyond measure!  I remember holding him for the first time and seeing his perfect little face.  He was the smallest but now the tallest at 6 ft. 2 in.  Next week I will be trying not to remember it is my birthday and the day after is my youngest son's birthday.  He will be 32!  How does that seem possible?  I remember thinking that night of my birthday in the hospital he would share my birthday but even back then had a mind of his own.  After 8 hours he finally came into the world an hour and a half AFTER my birthday.  He is so sweet and kind.  He is the best son and so highly respected.  He is my greatest joy!  Love him beyond measure!  Now either December 24th or December 26th is my daughter-in-law Andrea's birthday.  Her mother says one day and the records state another.  We just celebrate a wonderful woman!  She has been a joy in our lives and we love her beyond measure!  This Christmas is different.  By now I usually have had the house decorated for a month, cards all sent out, cookies and fruit cake baked, all my shopping done and wrapped.  Yesterday Fred and I signed the final paperwork buying our new house.  After today the woman who owned it has two weeks to move.  Our house sale was final Monday this week.  Thanks to Bobbi for all her excellent work and advice!  She is the best realtor!  Works so hard at everything she does.  Last night Mr. P. and I after signing the final paperwork looked at new flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, lights and doors.  That is a start.  I somehow remember 6 months ago that we wanted to move so we had LESS work to do so we could enjoy our lives.  What happened?  What would we do without work to do?  That reminds me.  I better get the house cleaned, work on a doll and bear I am making and pack!  Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday to Jesus!  He is the reason for the season!!!!


Time flies!

In a few days it will be December.  This year definitely passed quickly.  I put little Bell on eBay last night and she will be headed for her new home today.  Back to cleaning and packing today.  We will be moving before the first of the year.  I was hoping we would be moved before the holidays.  I am hoping we will spend Christmas Eve in our new house.  Christ's birth is the reason we celebrate and it is a magical time.  It seems people are a little kinder this time of year.  I recall the sweet times when the boys were young we would go to church and then drive around to look at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  One Christmas Eve while on our way home we saw a Santa near our house looking into someones window.  It was perfect timing!!  The boys all squealed and said to hurry home.  Santa was just up the road and they better get to bed before he reached our house.  It was so funny.  Tobias and I were remembering that night just the other day.  Simple times but so sweet and innocent.  The boys were always the best part of my life and my special blessings.  Remembering their sweet faces on Christmas morning is still amazing!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy the little blessings in life.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It is looking a lot like Christmas!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We are enjoying some snow in Ohio this morning.  It is beautiful!  I have been letting the packing go for a week or so and getting back to sewing.  I finished Rosemary last week.  She was fun to make and I found the pink dress and her beautiful bib at an antique shop.  Her dress is hand made with tiny tucks, embroidery and lace.  The bib is hand made cotton and so beautiful with the pink trim.  I am finishing an elephant today and maybe I will pack a few boxes.  We are waiting to hear when we can move into our new house.  I am sure the young couple buying this home are just as anxious to move into it as we are anxious to move into our new home.  We didn't think we would be moving in the middle of winter back in June when we decided to sell our house but all things work out for the best.  Patience has never been easy for me.  Have a good holiday season!!!


Is everyone getting ready for the holidays?  Thanksgiving is next week!  That doesn't seem possible!  I better get busy making noodles for 17 people TODAY!  Next week I will be making pies.  My sweet son Blake has decided he is going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 17 people.  It will be fun and he enjoys cooking.  I miss the days when he would tell me he would mix up cookie dough for me after school.  I would come home from work to 3 big bowls of cookie dough in the refrigerator.  What a help that was! All those years of teaching the boys to cook and bake paid off!  They are good cooks and show me up!  Mindy's family will all be there for Thanksgiving and it will fun to spend time with them.  Last year we traveled to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  I had cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 35 years so it was nice.  I made pies and noodles and helped in the kitchen but change is always good and we enjoyed the trip.  I cannot wait for Christmas this year too.  Tobias, Andrea and Chase will be home for a few days.   Not too sure when we will be moving but it is always good as my boss at Summitville Tiles use to tell me, "Stay light on your feet and have your checkbook ready."  I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the holiday season!  I finished and listed Noelle the Christmas Panda Bear on eBay yesterday.  Noelle the Christmas Panda on eBay



Looks like fall has set in.  Sending prayers for the east coast and the people who lived in the path of Hurricane Sandy this past week. How terrible for each and every person who lost loved ones and others who lost every earthly blessing they had.  We were lucky in this part of Ohio with high winds and rain.  I have been busy packing and keeping busy as usual.  I will be taking my latest creation Marry to The Boston Road Collection this weekend.  She was fun to make.  We are hoping we will be moved into our new house by Christmas but things move slowly it seems.   Packing all my Christmas decorations might not have been a wise thing to do but we will enjoy the holidays with friends and family even if we have very few decorations.  Enjoy your weekend!


Thank you Bobbi Seguin!

Whew!  What a long 4 months it has been.  Thanks to our sweet dedicated realtor Bobbi Seguin for selling our house and finding another one for us!  Thank you Bobbi!  She is certainly one of a kind and we could NEVER have done it without her!  She keeps her nose to the grind even when we are ready to give up.  Just at the moment when we were ready to buy a lot and she showed us a few, we contacted a few builders and were determined the only way was to build a house but then she found a perfect house for us.  I could not even imagine it has a beautiful chandelier in the dining area.  Just the icing on the cake!  This room in the picture will look so different after I take off the wall paper and paint it.  Add the table we made and our decorations.  Can't wait to start!!!  There were a lot of other people looking at this same house and wanting it.  Bobbi who I think never sleeps and never eats but puts in 8 days a week was determined that was our house.  Sunday afternoon we nervously signed the papers and were sweating thinking someone else would get in their bid before us.  An hour and a half later I got the call from Bobbi saying they accepted our bid.  Bobbi deserves far more than the roses I sent to her for putting up with us and our roller coaster ride.  I will forever love the house we have lived in since we were married but I am excited thinking about our move now.  There are a lot of things to do there like paint, remodel two bathrooms, new cupboards, carpet, and did I mention paint?  But what would we do without another house to work on the next 22 years?  I know God has plans for us and it will all work out if you let Him be your guide.  We have looked at endless condos and more houses than I care to remember.  There were mostly houses I never want to think about again!  No description would be fitting!!!  Thank you Bobbi! 


Happy Monday...Happy Fall!

What a beautiful fall with breath taking colors!  With the wind and rain we had yesterday they won't be on the trees long.  We had another very busy weekend working in the yard,  looking at houses, lots and possibly a house to build.  Then off to the wedding of two great people who deserve a lot of happiness.  We needed that night dancing our cares away and talking to friends we have not seen in a while.  We have one more house to look at this week and after about 50 if this one is not "the one" we will build.  I was in crazy mode last week with my mother having tests, inspections, daily appointments and just mind boggling work!  No time to snooze!  When I looked up at my husband sitting in church yesterday and saw his endless adoring smile looking at me I melted into his sweet love.  He lifts me up and heals me.  How can this man love so much?  How can this man God blessed me with to heal my soul 22 years ago touch me and take all my worries away still?  He is one of my greatest blessings.  Happy Monday!  Have a great week!


Fall is in the air!!!

What a beautiful fall!  The weather has turned cold!  Brrrrr!  We have had frost every morning this week.  The trees are turning and I hope the rain does not bring them down before I can snap some pictures.  We are busy as usual and are in the process of getting this house ready for the new owners.  The inspection was completed Monday.  We have found a few places we like but none that we love yet.  Some of the conditions of the houses we look at are just unexplainable!  We have learned to appreciate all the hard work we have done to this house the last 22 years and the houses we look at cost a lot more and of course are in need of a lot of tender loving care.  Why did we decide to move?  We ask that question a lot.  We really wanted to move into a condo and not have to worry about mowing and yard work.  We decided we could not live with all the rules and regulations associated with condos.  You cannot imagine the board can make so many demands.  The list is long and so happy we did not sign papers before we read the association books.  I have never been so busy and so tired mentally and physically.  Our real estate agent is one of a kind and keeps us looking at houses.  She does remind us with her little laugh, "You are homeless."  She is a great person and when we do find that "perfect house" she tells us we will find, I will miss her after spending months with her through this process.  I did manage to finish Christine in the midst of all the chaos.  She is my first Christmas bear of this year.  Have a good remainder of the week and stay warm!



Beautiful Fall Morning

It has quickly turned cold at night but it is September and fall is in the air.  Beautiful sunny days and chilly nights.  Looks like I will need to add a winter blanket soon.  Cleaned the house this morning and will be off to last minute preparations soon.  Mr. P. and and I are having a garage sale this weekend.  Oh I do not like them but we have been clearing out our house and hope to sell it soon so we must get rid of what we don't need.  No more antiques and prims everywhere.  There are a few left but I decided to de-clutter the house.  Worked in every room except my sewing room so far and there are bins of things I kept that I will have to decide later what to keep and what to disgard.  I hope to tackle my sewing room in the next week.  It will be a long week of tearing off wall paper and painting, cleaning out my craft and sewing closet, maybe...just maybe re-upholstering the love seat, clearing off and cleaning out.  This has to be done anyway so now is the time!  I finished Louise the Mohair Halloween Bear and she will be on her way to California.  When Mr. P. returns from work today I hope he can man the garage sale so I can cut out a new bear.  I hope everyone is enjoying their week!  Bear hugs to you!



Good Monday Morning

Seems there was a spider who planned to sit down beside her...wherever "she" or I might be in my garden.  Oh what a beauty he was there sunning near my flowers.  So happy he didn't think I was his morning meal and bite me.  I do seem to forget there are those little creatures lurking in my garden  and do not put gloves on before I pull weeds.  I could just see me running through the field with a spider attached to my hand or crawling up my sleeve.  Whatever would I do?  Scream and do a little dance?  Fred thought it was funny after I took each picture of the beauty I would shiver and squeel.  Do I have Arachnophobia?  This guy was big!  Afterward I kept thinking I had something crawling on me.  Creepy!  Do you see the faces on his back?  He is beautiful but yet creepy!  Better to stay away from him!


Fall Is In The Air~

What a beautiful wonderful week!  I have a heavy heart this morning thinking about the people who merely exist and have no joy.  Sad that people become stagnant and without joy for anything.  They are satisfied to be deaf and blind to humanity, bored with life.  Maybe they have always been that way it seems.  "If you have used a PERFECT day in a perfectly useless manner, YOU have learned NOTHING."  That is sad.  We should use every day God gives us to his glory.  The weather is so nice and it is starting to look and smell like fall.  There is nothing like the crisp smell in the air this time of year.  We canned more tomatoes this week and I think that is the end of canning from our garden this year.  I will continue to share what remains.  I always amazes me the beauty of everything around us.  If you truly look at even a tiny moth there is always beauty to behold.  So perfectly amazing!  Even the old dried out shrub that I removed the other day was beautiful in it's own way.  I hope you have a wonderful sweet day full of beautiful surprises.  This is the elephant I finished yesterday and listed on eBay.  Her name is Evette.       Evette eBay link:  Adopted


Edna and Mae

Another busy week!  Mae the Dalmatian and Edna the Spaniel were finished and delivered Saturday.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and their family. 
Both Adopted


Fall is just around the corner!  What a beautiful hot summer we had here in Ohio.  My flower garden and vegetable garden did great and we have enjoyed the beautiful flowers all summer.  We have been canning everything we were blessed with to prepare for winter.  It is always nice to have a stock of pickles, beets and tomatoes on the shelves.  I took a week off from sewing and turned my blue country decorated spare bedroom into a Victorian bedroom.  I painted cupboards, shelves, tables and cedar chest, cleaned, sorted, made new curtains, pillows and the new bedspread arrived and looks perfect.  I recently bought some beautiful antique clothes and they look perfect added to the room.  All the work because of a beautiful antique pitcher I bought at The Boston Road Collection.  That inspired me to make a beautiful place to put it.  It was a busy fun week and I enjoyed taking a week off from sewing.  Now back to getting my orders finished and on to new adventures.  Have a great Labor Day holiday!


It is a gloomy Saturday but still a beautiful day.  We had a nice day traveling to Hartville to The Boston Road Collection to deliver Daniela the elephant and Foster the Giraffe to Brenda.  Her shop is filled with the most delightful things!  I had to buy an antique Victorian pitcher.  It is large and so beautiful!  Can't wait to fill it with roses or an arrangement of flowers.  I am working on the extra bedroom changing it into shabby Victorian.  I hope the bedspread arrives Monday.  I still have a couple things to paint white and antique them.  I also visited Helaine's in the Hartville Marketplace.  Helaine is the sweetest lady and we have a connection since we both sew seven days a week. It is always a treat to talk to her and I LOVE her curtains and beautiful Victorian furnishings.  We enjoyed the day out.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!



I finished Daniela and Delilah Sue for orders.  Today I have 4 more creations to cut out for orders!  I have been painting the barn, doors in the house and finished them yesterday!  Great to have those things crossed off my list.  Canned tomatoes with Fred's help.  This was another crazy busy week!  This weekend we are going to an antique show and I am ready to have some fun!


The end of July and a beautiful Monday morning!

Wow~!  What a beautiful morning.  God blesses us every day with his beauty.  Man is the one who messes it up!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I was busy watching the butterflys in my garden and they were busy too.  Wish I could have my sewing machine in my garden.  That would be a wonderful inspiring place to sew every day.  Even in the winter snow it would be beautiful!  The flowers are at their best right now and wonderful to look at!  Hope you enjoy them too.  I have two elephants finished and they are waiting for me to make them dresses today.  Off to the cutting board to cut out a zebra and giraffe this morning for orders.  Yesterday I painted three doors.  Today if I get a chance I will be painting the front of the barn.  It is always fun to paint and it gives me time to think when I am painting.  One day soon I have to finish the large painting I have been working on.  We have a new stray cat.  He has a beautiful face and tiny meow.  He has a tail that looks like a flag so I call him Flagtail.  He walks so very slowly and you have to keep an eye on him to make sure he is really moving but runs if he is frightened.  We have to laugh at him and always say out loud, "Slowly I walk...step by step!" I hope to fatten him up.  Off to feed the stray cats and have my morning laugh!


Good Friday Morning!

Friday after a day of storms yesterday!  We had no electricity for over 12 hours and it sure makes me thankful for electricity today!  Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!


Ermahgard, Dorothy and Zebedee are on their way to The Boston Road Collection!


The Friends of Teddy On Line Show is taking place this weekend. The five creations I submitted are Ophelia, Tessa, Angelena, Buffy and Zebedee.
Another beautiful Saturday! Hot and humid but it is so nice. Summer is slipping by. I took the elephant Beulah to The Boston Road this morning and by the time I returned home Brenda called to say she was sold. Great! I am working on a bear and hope to have it finished soon so I can take it to The Boston Road Collection next week. She did say she has it sold too as soon as I bring it to her and wants two more critters... yesterday. I did tell Bailey that he might have to learn to sew. His little Yorkshire paws should be able to hold a needle. He can be my elf sewing in the middle of the night while his grammy sleeps instead of getting me up every couple of hours to go outside because of course he slept all day while grammy sewed. NEW RULE! If grammy doesn't sleep...Bailey doesn't sleep...


The first day of the Friends Of Teddy On Line Show starts today at 4:00 pm!  I cannot wait to see all the creations everyone came up with for the show.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and will have a nice weekend.  I have been busy sewing, cleaning, taking my mother shopping and to appointments and looking at condos.  Getting rid of things we don't need when I get a chance is at the top of my list.  I definitely need more time for that chore!  I finished Gavin and Zeon and they are on their way to Virginia.  Zeno will be on the way to California and his new mom Lucy.  Today I am finishing Beulah the elephant and she will be at The Boston Road Collection tomorrow.  The next bear is waiting to take her form from my hand stitching.  I hope to machine stitch her some time today.  I am NOT bored and that is a good thing.  I wouldn't be good at being bored.  I think I do CRAZY better!



Wonderful Daisies Growing In The Yard!

Good Monday Morning!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed summer.  It has been HOT here in Ohio.  I love it and try to take it all in to think about during those cold winter days that will come in a few months.  It is great to remember the warmth from the sun when the snow is blowing.  I have been busy as everyone is these days.  I have 5 orders and creations all in various stages to be completed.  I hope to complete a few today!  The Friends of Teddy Bears show is this coming weekend and I am anxious for that!  My 5 are ready for the show.  If you haven't voted for your favorite of the preview this is the link:  Please vote.  Thank you.  Funny thing with all the heat and lack of rain three spots of daisies sprung up in the back yard.  I water my flower gardens and vegetable garden every day and some are not looking good.  I have had to dump several pots of flowers that I carefully fed and watered.  The sun is just too powerful for them and they dwindle in the heat.  Amazing to me to see wonderful daisies growing and beautiful in the middle of the burned out grass.  Sent from heaven to remind us that anything is possible!  I really need that right now and as I look at these little beauties every day God reminds me that no task is too big and he takes care of us every day.  He answers our prayers in His time and we must have patience.  He is always with us and guides us if we allow Him.  Have a great week!


Ophelia is one of my creations for the Friends of Teddy Online Show. 



Good Morning from Ohio the end of June!  This is a view of my flower garden this morning.  The blue berries were looking so nice but the birds are eating them and the black berries.  I was definitely having dreams of black berry dumplings.  Our vegetable garden behind the scare crow is growing and I need to pull the beets and get them canned today.  Where did this month go?  We have had a beautiful spring and summer! This morning at 5 am I looked out to see not a cloud in the sky again.  A bit chilly for Bailey boy when he stepped outside but it was beautiful!  God truly blesses us every day.  I am busy finishing orders.  Now that we have our house for sale there is always that possibility that a call will come and someone wants to look so I cannot be my regular crazy messy where I pull out bins of materials to see what my creations will decide they want to wear.  I do want them to be happy with their attire and they always win.  Especially when I work for a day making a dress and they don't like it.  Oh then it is off to the drawing board again to use the material they decided on.  Bears can be tempermental!  We have had a good time looking at places we might want to live the last couple of weeks.  Some are a definite "NO" when we walk in the door and others I fall in love with.  Time will tell and as always God has to lead us where he wants us.  My decisions without His approval lead me into trouble. 



HAPPY FATHER'S DAY today!  I hope everyone is remembering their dad today, being with him or thinking sweet thoughts of him.  I had the best dad and I miss him every day.  I really miss cooking dinner for him every Sunday and getting a big hug and kiss from him when he walked in the door.  Last week was a good week with some highs and some lows.  House selling and house hunting is not always fun.  Thinking we found the perfect condo was wonderful only to find out Saturday someone else bought it before we could make an offer.  Sad...but God has other plans for us.  I know there is something even better he wants us to find.  He is the Master and if we let him lead us he will lead us in a better direction.  I finished up the bear Liberty and he is ready to list on eBay today.  He is one of my favorites and makes me smile when I look at him.  A bear should always make you smile.  Have a wonderful sweet day!       Liberty's eBay link    Adopted


Sherman the Mohair Clown Bear

Sherman is finished and will be on his way to The Boston Road Collection tomorrow. He will be having fun in the store waiting for his forever home.


The shelf is finished.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and the beautiful weather.  We have been busy and finished the shelf over the weekend and hung it Sunday.  I planned to paint another picture for that spot but the shelf looks good there.  It is always fun to switch to another hobby for a while and enjoy spending time with my great husband.  We are planning to change locations and if all goes well will be putting our house for sale in the weeks to come.  Now to look for a new place and clean out the things I have collected for so many years.  No time to dilly dally.  I have finished my entries for the bear show in July and started on a new bear for The Boston Road Collection.  Hope to finish him in a day or so and then finish an order.  Fred took me away over the weekend for a day at The Bluebird Farm in Carrollton, Ohio.  I always spend most of the time at the toy and bear museum after we have a delicious meal.  Wow!  I could stay there all day and look for hours.  What a wonderful place!  It truly inspires me!  We were not able to take a walk to the amphitheater because it had rained but it was a beautiful day and we needed a quiet day together.


The end of the month of May.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and having a good week!  It is always busy here and there are times AS I turn in a circle I see something in every direction to do.  My mother has been staying this week with a doctor appointment Tuesday.  I have orders and I have been working on the creations for the preview of the bear show in July.  I attempt to tackle 6 things at the same time and never accomplish anything.  I finally got all the flower gardens cleaned up and they are looking great.   I cleaned the house this morning and then went outside to sand the shelf Fred and I made last night.  I would like to give it a coat of paint some time today and then finish it tomorrow.  I saw the design in a magazine and decided we needed to make another shelf.  I really want to make another large cupboard like the one we made to store my material in.      I Love that cupboard!  Then there is another potting table I have planned to make and haven't.  Love the one we made a couple years ago out of cedar.  It is fun to make tables, cupboards, shelves and things I come up with and Fred and I have a lot of fun making things together.  I design, draw and make the scroll cuts with the scroll saw.  He runs the big table saw to cut the boards to length.  He is mostly my brain!  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  He is always willing to help me even after an extremely hot day working his little behind off at work.  God truly blessed me that day at work when I looked up to see his smiling face looking at me.  He loves like no one else!  I work to make his life happier and he flashes me that wonderful smile that melts my heart. 


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I enjoyed the day and the cards and flowers from my husband, sweet sons and friends.  Tobias sent me a beautiful bouquet of tulips.  Thank you Justin, Tobias and Blake for being wonderful sons!  They are always the best sons anyone could have!  Love you guys!


  Has everyone been busy this week? It has been a busy week for me. I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of May. My sweet husband sent me flowers for our anniversary in my favorite colors, red and purple. He has always been so thoughtful for 22 years now! Happy Anniversary Mr. P. You are my one in a million dream come true!


Every day on this side of the grass is a great day!  Amazing thinking back on stages of life and what is important.  I guess it does take some maturity to realize what is most important in life.  Looking back I would not want to be young again.  I  have tried to always think things out but that doesn't always work either. Maybe I think too much for my own good and analyze every aspect.  Looking back at photos last week at my mum's house made me realize what do we really know about people we are suppose to be the closest to?  Strange thinking I guess.  I was always a happy child  and mostly through life I cherish every moment I am given with my family and friends.  I didn't realize we were so poor growing up at that time.  My parents did what they could to feed us and give us the necessities.  I never remember my dad being well but he didn't let that stop him from working every day.  He never missed a day of work.  I remember him waking me up for school at 5:45 every morning.  I would say after a few attempts I didn't feel well.  He would always say, "Get up and get ready.  You will feel better after you get there."  I would always grumble in my mind and think, "NOT really!"  The best part of the day was putting on the dress I had just made and fixing my hair.  If I could have had an all day art class I would have loved school.  I did like Home Economics class but we were not challenged to make our own dress patterns or come up with our own recipes.  I was already making clothes from my own designs by that time so I was bored.  I quickly learned to take what I was given and be happy for it.  I have a wonderful family and have been so lucky to have them in my life.  There are a few who are very questionable and I try to avoid them after many lessons realizing I cannot heal their sad soul.  I cannot stand dramma and that is what some people live for.  I feel I must "fix" everyone who is broken and that is not possible.  Some people glory in dramma and being sad or wanting to be unhappy about everything! They are content to be unhappy and draw you into their web of constant hatred.   Some people are not happy by nature.  Their personality does not allow for happiness.  I  would rather stop and smell the roses and glory in the flowers in our life that God has given us.  He gives every day without ceasing!  We cannot change the past but should strive to be loving, kind, humble and more like Christ for the future.  I am thankful for my family and wonderful friends.  I am very thankful for my abilities and talents.  I could clear a room if I tried to sing but I have been blessed with other talents I cherish.  I whistle all the time and that fills my being with thoughts of my dear Uncle John and hearing his beautiful melodies float through the air.  I remember from a very early age hearing him whistle.  He always filled my life with great memories and I still can see him in the garden working and hear him whistle beautiful tunes.   My intent is to always make others happy.  Put a whistle in your heart and spread God's love above all else.



Arletta is finished and will be on eBay later today.  What a beautiful summer like day we are having today!  Beautiful weather in Ohio!  Last week we had some snow and it felt so cold after the 80 degrees we had in March.  Today is perfect!


The Bunny Felicia

I finished Felicia today and she is on her way to her new home in New Mexico!


Maxine The Mohair Elephant

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather and sunshine. It feels so nice!  Maxine will be on her way to spend Easter in Charleston. 


Angelica The Mohair Easter Bunny Rabbit

Angelica is made from mohair and  has a clay face I made for her. She wears layers of vintage fabric, tulle and ribbons. 


Melissa and Samantha

I finished the two bears Melissa and Samantha for an order.  Now to finish up some Easter bunnies!

Looking back at winter!

Looking back at winter!
Beautiful February Snow

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

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CoCoMo Joe and CoCoMo Dakota Joe

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Good Friday Morning From My Back Yard!

Good Friday Morning From My Back Yard!

Marcella and Kristina

Marcella and Kristina

Guilford Lake

Guilford Lake

Beautiful Full Moon

Beautiful Full Moon

My Flower Garden


"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about those who came and never left your side."

Marcella and Kristina

Marcella and Kristina